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Caring for your Jewelry

As all of the items on our site are meticulously handcrafted, there may be slight differences, markings + inclusions on all metals, finishings and or stones – such as tool marks, uneven surfaces, slight colour variances and minor flaws.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing from us. Please note that colours and finishes may vary slightly from the actual product shown due to differences in your computer monitor.

All Iza Jewelry is handmade from .925 sterling silver and delivered to you shiny and polished. However, silver is a very soft metal and prone to scratches, dings and changing shape over time, especially rings if worn everyday. You'll probably notice some scratches within the first few days of wearing your new jewelry –– this is normal. Please don't be sad. Instead, fall in love with the process and the beautiful aging of your new piece. 

Treat your jewelry with love and care! Ironically, the best way to keep your silver jewelry clean is by wearing it often. The Iza Jewelry range is made with longevity as a focus. It requires handling with care to remain in original condition; avoid cleaning products, chlorine, body lotions, hairspray and perfume. Do not clean plated jewelry with chemicals –– instead, gently wipe with a damp towel. With a little care the durability of the jewellery will be extended.

After wear, please ensure jewels are stored in a safe, dry place that is preferably flat, out of direct light, free from moisture and away from any extreme heat. The best care of action is to store your pieces in plastic zip pouches. Please ensure each piece is stored separately, to prevent any scratching or rubbing from contact with other jewels.

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